Technical Support

It is part of our company philosophy to regard the relationship with our customers not only as a supplier relationship. We see this relationship as a partnership in which know-how can be exchanged. If problems occur (chemical compatibility, control technology, etc.), it is possible to search for solutions together. Many of the products we produce are very complex. Therefore not only the technical know-how of the manufacturer, but also the combination with the application know-how and the field experience of our customers lead to optimized technical and economic solutions.

In addition to communication via telephone, email (support [at], fax, visits and equipment training, this website also serves as an information pool for dosing technology and details of our equipment. In the specific case, however, brochures and documents may also be requested from us.

We understand Service and Support as follows:
  • Competent advice and introduction of our know-how
  • Consulting and support in the selection of suitable components
  • Technical data sheets
  • Explanatory brochures with selection tables on individual topics and sectors (see table below)
  • operating instructions
  • Support and quick help, when problems occured
  • Functional spare parts (see " SAIER hose selection list " and " Pump hoses for older versions ")
  • Delivery of appropriate accessories
  • Documentation of our equipment and installations
  • Guarantee and warranty
  • Consistent quality assurance

Explanatory brochures: coming soon: We apologize that all our brochures are available only in German language so far. May be You can use the selection tables
Bereich Prospekt beschriebene Geräte D
professional warewashing Concept-Modules for professional warewashing Concept 2105mcs, Concept 2114mcs, dosing set Concept CDI, dosing set Concept CDK  
professional warewashing Compact-Modules for professional warewashing Compact R, Compact K, Compact L+, Compact DUO R, Compact DUO L  
professional warewashing Dosiersets for detergent and rinse product DSPset 2602, Compact DUO R, Commpact DUO L, DSPset 9701-II  
professional warewashing Dosing set  DSPSet 2602 DSPset 2602-2 pumps, DSPset 2602-3 pumps, DSPset 2602-4 pumps, sensor coupling module ctLog 2013, data transfer adapter, reporting software  
professional warewashing Profi-Dosiergeräte for crate- and bottle-washing machines DSP 9805-II, Concept 2106mcs, Concept 2115mcs  
professional warewashing Economy-Modules DSP 2010, DDSP 2035, DSP 9630mcs  
water treatment / professional warewashing heavy-duty-series DSP 9415-II, DSP 9429-II, DSP 9612, DSP 9619  
water treatment Concept-Modules for 7*24-applications Concept 420sm, Concept 420smd, Concept 2112sm, Concept 2112smd  
water treatment Concept-Geräte für die Wasseraufbereitung Concept 420sm, Concept 420smd, Concept 420i, Concept 2211, Concept 2205mcs  
water treatment flocculannt pumps Concept pool master, Concept 420sm, Concept 420smd, Concept 2112sm, Concept 2112smd  
water treatment /
professional warewashing
conductiviy sensors ILFS 02, ILFD 02  
industrial and general applications Compact-series for industry Compact U, Compact C  
industry and general applications OEM-peristaltic pumps DSP 9911-E, DSP 9911-EG, DSP 9911-AH  

Spare parts: Up to at least 10 years, you will receive wear parts and important spare parts for standard SAIER devices. Therefore, suitable spare pump tubes are still available for older dosing devices (see " Pump hoses for older versions " and " SAIER hose selection list ") Search for older spare parts. Please indicate us the article-number  and the serial number if spare parts are required.

Warranty: Our dosing devices, systems and components are high-quality industrial products. The necessary prerequisite for any warranty claim is proper installation and proper operation according to the relevant operating instructions. Then we give a 24-month warranty on manufacturing, material and construction defects. In case of such an error, the device will be repaired free of charge and sent back free of charge. Any claims that go beyond the free repair or replacement, as well as wearing parts such as pump tubes, tube retainers and rotors, as well as any mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical damages, are in any case excluded from warranty.